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+.TH COMMANDERGENIUS 6 "2016-08-21" "" ""
+commandergenius \- open source engine for Commander Keen games
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+commandergenius [\fIdir=dir\fP] [\fIfinale=<on|off>\fP]
+CGeniusExe [\fIdir=dir\fP] [\fIfinale=<on|off>\fP]
+Commander Genius is an open\-source clone of Commander Keen which allows
+you to play the games, and some of the mods made for it. All of the
+original data files are required to do so, however the authors have
+provided convenient way to download some of the games (choose "Game
+Center" at the main menu). It\(aqs also possible to use the data files from
+an installed copy of one or more of the games.
+Supported games are Keen 1 through 6, plus Keen Dreams and several
+fan\-made mods.
+This man page is a brief summary. Full documentation can be found
+.INDENT 0.0
+.B \fIdir=dir\fP
+Launch game in the given directory. This is a relative path from
+one of the directories configured in \fIcgenius.cfg\fP; absolute paths
+are not allowed.
+.B \fIfinale=<on|off>\fP
+Skip directly to the finale (ending) of the game.
+.INDENT 0.0
+.B \fI/usr/share/games/commandergenius\fP
+System\-wide directory. Games may be installed here for use by
+multiple players, in the \fIgames/\fP subdirectory. Also, content from
+the HQP (high quality pack) is installed here.
+.B \fI~/.CommanderGenius\fP
+Per\-user directory, containing any games downloaded from the in\-game
+Game Center. Also contains these files:
+.B \fIcgenius.cfg\fP
+Main config file, rewritten on game exit. Contains user preferences.
+Normally not edited by hand, but it\(aqs possible to do so.
+.B \fIgames.cfg\fP
+List of installed games and their directory paths.
+.B \fICGLog.html\fP
+Log file created by the game.
+.B \fIdownloads/\fP
+Zip files downloaded within the Game Center are saved here.
+.B \fIgames/\fP
+Files extracted from downloaded zip files are stored here. Also,
+users may manually copy game data files here and add them to
+\fIgames.cfg\fP, to install games not available from the Game Center.
+See the file /usr/doc/commandergenius\-1953beta/COPYRIGHT for license information.
+commandergenius was written by Gerstrong <\fI\\fP>.
+This man page written for the project
+by B. Watson, and is licensed under the WTFPL.
+The commandergenius homepage:
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