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+mininim (Prince of Persia rewrite)
+MININIM is the Advanced Prince of Persia Engine - a childhood dream,
+the free software implementation of Jordan Mechner's masterpiece game,
+developed from scratch by Bruno Felix Rezende Ribeiro (oitofelix). In
+addition to being already a complete replacement for the original game
+with several improvements, MININIM aims to have detailed documentation
+on all matters concerning the original Prince of Persia world, ranging
+from its design concepts to the engine's practical use and development.
+The docs are installed in "/usr/doc/mininim-$VERSION/mininim.html/",
+as separate HTML pages. If you plan to print the documentation,
+set PDF=yes in the script's environment, and print the file
+"/usr/doc/mininim-$VERSION/mininim.pdf". This uses an extra 870K of
+disk space.