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games/mininim: Add note-to-self about later version.
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# Licensed under the WTFPL. See for details.
+# 20220620 bkw: no changes, but notes to myself:
+# There's a later release of mininim (200928), but I
+# can't feasibly upgrade to it for now. It requires IUP
+# which we don't have
+# in our repo (but that could be added). It also requires a newer
+# gnulib, but upgrading gnulib from 20140202 to 20210102~ebaa53c
+# (as used in recent debian stable) is probably OK... Unfortunately,
+# it also requires the mininim author's own fork of allegro5. This
+# could be added to the SBo repo or built statically here... but all
+# these things require more work than it's worth just for a game that
+# already plays OK with mininim-201701122309. I'm documenting this
+# here because every 6-8 months I get the idea to upgrade this build,
+# then rediscover the reasons why I didn't upgrade it already.
# 20211028 bkw: BUILD=2
# - fix -current build.
# - new-style icon.