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+glassfish (Java EE Application Server)
+It is an open-source application server for the Java EE platform.
+It supports Enterprise JavaBeans, JPA, JavaServer Faces, JMS, RMI,
+JavaServer Pages, servlets, etc.
+On 64bit platforms without multilib, updatetool and pkg don't work.
+If "asadmin start-domain" fails to start a domain after executing
+updatetool, then updatetool may have written "proxy.use.system: true"
+in "$GLASSFISH_HOME/.updatetool/init.cfg". Since Java SE depends on
+GNOME libraries to detect system proxy, system proxy should be disabled
+on slackware. In this case,
+1) try "http_proxy= asadmin start-domain" or
+2) set proxy.use.system to false in "$GLASSFISH_HOME/.updatetool/init.cfg" or
+3) remove "$GLASSFISH_HOME/.updatetool" entirely.