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@@ -2,15 +2,14 @@ rss2email is a free tool for delivering news from RSS feeds to your
email program. This allows you to view RSS feeds in an interface you
are already familiar with and to apply filters to incoming feeds.
-After installing this package, edit /etc/r2e/ to taste, then do
-the following:
+rss2email has no option for disabling HTTPS certificate verification,
+because Python requires this.
- mkdir ~/.rss2email
- r2e new
- r2e add
- r2e run --no-send
+But it is possible to monkeypatch the ssl module to disable
+verification globally for all feeds.
-You will probably want to create a cron job to periodically
-execute "r2e run".
+If you want the verification to be disabled pass CERTVER=no to the
+script: CERTVER=no ./rss2email.SlackBuild
-See for additional information.
+See README.Slackware for post-installation configuration.