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+A working teamviewer in 64 bit environment were requested by many users, but
+it requires multilib environment, in which the maintainer can't provide and
+not officially supported by SBo.
+This document is a contribution from Gerardo Zamudio. It's UNTESTED by the
+maintainer. If you have any issues please ask your questions to him directly.
+1. Full install of Slackware64 14.2
+2. Install multilib from alienBOB repository
+3. Install 32bit libpng from 14.1
+4. Download teamviewer.tar.gz , change ARCH=x86_64 (not really necessary,
+just for the package tag) and DEBARCH=amd64 (just to find the .deb
+source) , use teamviewer_amd64.deb
+5. Install TeamViewer
+Gerardo Zamudio
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@@ -18,3 +18,10 @@ The same things goes to meetings (version 7 and above).
2. Always stop teamviewerd service before attempting to upgrade as the path
may change on each major release.
+3. To fix missing buttons, you *may* need to install libpng from Slackware 14.1.
+Please note that it *will* overwrite some files from Slackware 14.2's libpng, so
+it's suggested to reinstall Slackware 14.2's libpng after installing
+Slackware 14.1's libpng.
+4. For multilib support, please read MULTILIB