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+Once the package is installed, you should create your config file using
+znc's own interactive utility; run the following command:
+ su - @ZNC_USER@ -c '/usr/bin/znc --makeconf --datadir /etc/znc'
+Since znc is configured to run as a nonprivileged user by default in
+this build script, you must choose a listening port higher than 1024.
+Once you have answered all the questions, your znc.conf file will be
+located at /etc/znc/configs/znc.conf
+It should be noted that by default (if run without any arguments), ZNC
+will look for its configuation file in ~/.znc (which is /etc/znc/.znc
+as suggested by the build script). This is irrelevant if you are using
+the init script supplied with the package, but it might be worth knowing
+just in case.