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network/openconnect: Fix vpnc-script's test for /sbin/netconfig
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 23:14:19 +0100 From: higuita <> To: Subject: openconnect slackbuild I used your openconnect slackbuild to install it on my machine and found a annoying problem. The vpnc-script installed by openconnect script tried to reconfigure slackware network configs files (rc.inet1.conf, hosts, resolv.conf and others) because it is testing the existence of /sbin/netconfig and use it... the problem is that is trying to use it as the SuSE netconfig and is totally weird to get the slackware netconfig vpn connection. Any user that don't cancel it might mess up his network config without knowning The solution is the attached patch, that bypass that test on slackware machines. I will submit this also to the openconnect so they can merge it too... but until that, please change the slackbuild to apply this. If you like, i can send a patch for the slackbuild too Also, version on the slackbuild is 5.01 and openconnect is already in version 6.00 and it works fine here... so no problem in update it also. -- Signed-off-by: Robby Workman <>
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