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+Elemental-IRCd is a high performance, lightweight, and scalable IRC daemon. It
+is a fork of the now-defunct ShadowIRCD and seeks to continue in the direction
+ShadowIRCD was headed.
+An `/etc/rc.d/rc.elemental-ircd` script is supplied which supports
+start/stop/restart/reload, which you can call from your rc.local:
+ # /etc/rc.d/rc.local
+ # ==================
+ if [ -x /etc/rc.d/rc.elemental-ircd ]; then
+ /etc/rc.d/rc.elemental-ircd start
+ fi
+The `reload` parameter will make an already running ircd reload its
+configuration file.
+The elemental-ircd will refuse to run as root, so you need to create a user
+for it:
+ groupadd -g 315 elemental-ircd
+ useradd -u 315 -g 315 -d /var/lib/elemental-ircd elemental-ircd
+By default we name the user `elemental-ircd` with UID 315, and put it in the
+`elemental-ircd` group (GID 315). If you want to give it a different name, uid
+or gid, you can give
+ IRCD_UNAME=elemental-ircd
+ IRCD_UID=315
+ IRCD_GID=315
+different values when running the slackbuild script.
+Before starting the ircd, you'll need to create a configuration file for it.
+It should be named `/etc/elemental-ircd/ircd.conf`. In that directory there
+is already an `example.conf` and a `reference.conf`.
+Note: elemental-ircd comes with a binary called `/usr/bin/mkpasswd`, which is
+used to create passwords for o-lines, but it creates a conflict with
+`/usr/bin/mkpasswd` from expect, so the `mkpasswd` supplied by elemental-ircd
+is renamed to `ircd-mkpasswd` by the SlackBuild script.