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+This is the README for the SlackBuild for the Newsbeuter RSS feedreader.
+Newsbeuter is an RSS feedreader. RSS is a number of widely-used
+XML formats to transmit, publish and syndicate articles, for
+example news or blog articles. Newsbeuter is designed to be used
+on text terminals on Unix or Unix-like systems such as Linux,
+BSD or Mac OS X.
+You will need to have stfl and sqlite (from installed to
+build this, and swig is an optional dependency if you want ruby scripting
+support. Note that stfl will need to have been built with swig installed
+(from as well if you want the additional ruby scripting
+support. However, the author of the script has been unsuccessful in getting
+ruby scripting support to build; there is a variable in the build script
+to enable, so if you have any luck, please notify the maintainer listed in
+the file.