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.IX Title "YOUTUBE-DL 1"
-.TH YOUTUBE-DL 1 "2011-08-05" "perl v5.12.4" "User Contributed Perl Documentation"
+.TH YOUTUBE-DL 1 "2012-09-28" "youtube-dl" "User commands"
.\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
.\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
.if n .ad l
-youtube\-dl \- download videos from
+youtube\-dl \- download videos from or other video platforms
.Vb 1
@@ -138,7 +138,13 @@ youtube\-dl \- download videos from
-youtube-dl is a script to download videos from
+youtube-dl is a script to download videos from or any other of
+the supported video platforms.
+Currently supported sites are: CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Dailymotion,
+Facebook, Metacafe, MyVideo, Photobucket, The Escapist, Vimeo, Yahoo!,
+YouTube,,,, xvideos, Soundcloud,
+InfoQ, Mixcloud, OpenClassRoom.
Once it is installed in your system, you should be able to call it from
the command line. Usage instructions are easy. Use youtube-dl followed
@@ -231,6 +237,9 @@ For, in particular, the meaning of the format codes is given as:
Note that not all videos are available in all formats and that other
sites supported by \fByoutube-dl\fR may have different conventions for
their video formats.
+By default, youtube-dl will download the best available format; if you want
+to download the worst format to save bandwidth and time, use \f(CW\*(C`\-f\*(C'\fR \fIworst\fR.
.IP "\-\-all\-formats" 4
.IX Item "--all-formats"