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The SlackBuild file for ZNC includes support for OpenSSL connections
to IRC servers. If you do not wish to include OpenSSL support in ZNC,
simply run the build script like this:
- WITH_SSL=no ./znc.SlackBuild
+ WITH_SSL=no ./znc.SlackBuild
IPv6 support is also enabled by default; to disable it, run the script as:
- WITH_IPV6=no ./znc.SlackBuild
+ WITH_IPV6=no ./znc.SlackBuild
This is intended to be run as a nonprivileged user - by default, the
build script uses "znc" as the user. If you wish to change it, e.g.
to use the "nobody" user, then run the script as follows:
- ZNC_USER=nobody ./znc.SlackBuild
+ ZNC_USER=nobody ./znc.SlackBuild
See README.SLACKWARE for configuration information.