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@@ -10,10 +10,10 @@ read-edid: read-edid (read EDID information from a video monitor)
read-edid: read-edid is a pair of tools (originally by John Fremlin) for
read-edid: reading the EDID from a monitor. It should work with most monitors
-read-edid: made since 1996 (except for newer ones with 256-byte EDID's - WiP),
+read-edid: made since 1996 (except some newer ones with 256-byte EDIDs - WiP),
read-edid: assuming the video card supports the standard read commands (most
-read-edid: do).read-edid is a set of two tools - get-edid, which gets the raw
+read-edid: do). read-edid is a set of two tools: get-edid, which gets the raw
read-edid: edid information from the monitor, and parse-edid, which turns the
-read-edid: raw binary information into an XF86Config-compatible monitor section.
+read-edid: raw binary information into an xorg.conf-compatible Monitor section.