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* network/yadifa: Updated for version 2.3.9_8497. Sergei Fedosoff2020-01-252-5/+5
* network/yadifa: Convert slack-desc to ASCII. B. Watson2020-01-181-1/+1
* network/yadifa: Fixed VERSION in build script and .info file Robby Workman2020-01-032-10/+11
* network/yadifa: Updated for version 2.3.8-7713. Sergei Fedosoff2018-12-224-40/+59
* network/yadifa: Updated for version 2.2.4. Sergei Fedosoff2017-04-082-5/+5
* network/yadifa: Fix README. B. Watson2016-11-151-14/+13
* network/yadifa: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson2016-11-141-1/+1
* network/yadifa: Added (Yet Another DNS Implementation For All). Sergei Fedosoff2016-09-1711-0/+406