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-.TH SMS_SDL "1" "February 2009" "SMS Plus/SDL v0.9.4aR7" "User Commands"
-sms_sdl \- Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator.
-.B sms_sdl
-\fR[\fI--options\fR] \fI<filename.<SMS|GG>>
-SMS Plus/SDL v0.9.4aR7
-(C) Charles Mac Donald in 1998, 1999, 2000
-SDL Version by Gregory Montoir (
-\fINote:\fR The filename may appear anywhere on the command line.
-Enable YM2413 sound.
-Set the machine type as DOMESTIC instead of OVERSEAS.
-Load/save SRAM contents before starting/exiting.
-\fB\-\-fskip\fR <n>
-Specify the number of frames to skip.
-Do not limit to 60 frames per second.
-Start in fullscreen mode.
-Use joystick.
-Disable sound.
-\fB\-\-filter\fR <mode>
-Render using a filter. Available modes:
-.IP "2xsai"
-.PD 0
-.IP "super2xsai"
-.IP "supereagle"
-.IP "advmame2x"
-.IP "tv2x"
-.IP "2x"
-.IP "bilinear"
-.IP "dotmatrix"
-.PD 1
-\fBsms_sdl\fR is launched by a shell script wrapper which reads the
-file \fI~/.sms_sdl/config\fR if it exists. Any of the options above may
-be placed in this file (one option per line, with or without the leading \fB--\fR characters). These options
-will be passed as command\-line arguments to the real \fBsms_sdl\fR
-binary every time it runs.
-See \fB/usr/doc/sms_sdl-@VERSION@/sample_config\fR for further information.
-Screenshot in BMP format
-Save state
-Load state
-Dec/inc frame skip value
-Dec/inc state slot
-Switch rendering filter
-Button 1
-Button 2
-Start (GG) / pause (SMS)
-Directional pad
-Console hard reset
-The key bindings may not be remapped.
-ROM image files may be in raw dump format, or may have a header (details
-are system-specific). Also, ROM images may be zipped (not gzipped), in
-which case the first file in the zip file's directory must be the
-ROM image (any other files are ignored).
-\fBsms_sdl\fR looks at the filename to determine the type of ROM image
-in use. Any file whose name ends in \\fR (case-insensitive match)
-is considered to be a Game Gear ROM. Any other file is treated as a
-Sega Master System ROM. In the case of a zipped image, this refers to the
-file inside the zip file; the zip file itself doesn't have any special
-naming requirements.
-Screenshot filenames (F1 key) are generated by replacing the filename
-extension with \fI-NNN.bmp\fR, where NNN is a 3-digit number (000 for
-the first screenshot, 001 for the second, etc). The numbering starts
-at 000 every time the emulator is started, and existing files will be
-overwritten without confirmation.
-State save filenames (F2 key) are generated by replacing the filename
-extension with \fI.stN\fR, where N is the number of the save slot (one
-or more digits). Again, existing files are overwritten without confirmation.
-For both types of file, the filename is considered to be the entire
-path to the ROM image file. This means that the emulator expects to
-be able to write savestate and screenshot files in the directory where
-the ROM files reside. If the directory is not writable, no files will
-be created.
-\fBsms_sdl\fR will exit with failure status if it's given a filename that
-contains no . (dot/period) characters (in other words, a filename
-without an extension). So don't do that. (This applies to the file
-inside the zip file, for zipped images)
-Screenshot and state-save files should really be written in the
-current directory, or else a hypothetical ~/.sms_sdl directory.
-There should be a config file, so the user doesn't have to pass his
-favorite set of options on the command line every time (of course,
-a shell alias, wrapper script, or GUI file manager
-can work around this easily enough).
-(C) Charles Mac Donald in 1998, 1999, 2000
-SDL Version by Gregory Montoir (