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-slimjet (Chromium based web browser)
-Slimjet is built on top of the Chromium open-source project on which
-Google Chrome is also based. It enjoys the same speed and reliablity
-provided by the underlying blink engine as Google Chrome. However, many
-additional features and options have been added in Slimjet to make it
-more powerful, intelligent and customizable than Chrome. In addition to
-that, Slimjet DOES NOT send any usage statistics back to Google's server
-like Google Chrome, which is a growing concern for many Chrome users due
-to the ubiquitous presence and reach of the advertising empire.
-Slimjet is compatible with all extensions and plugins designed for
-Google Chrome available from the Chrome web store.
-This SlackBuild does NOT attempt to compile slimjet from source, it
-only repackages the binaries that are provided by the developers.
-The MD5SUM and VERSION numbers may be incorrect from time to time due
-to the developers' release scheme. If this occurs, you will have the
-latest release, but it will be numbered incorrectly.
-NOTE: Run the wrapper script "flashpeak-slimjet" from the terminal for
-the first time to enable the sand box (admin access required). After
-that, you can run the wrapper script from a desktop shortcut.