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+Fri Sep 5 17:05:08 UTC 2014
+audio/SuperCollider: Updated for version 3.6.6.
+audio/gmusicbrowser: Updated for version 1.1.12.
+desktop/whaw: Fix DOWNLOAD source and update script.
+development/eclipse-cpp: Disable GTK+3 theme.
+development/eclipse: Disable GTK+3 theme.
+development/libb2: Added (Cryptographic C Library).
+development/racket: updated for version 6.1.
+games/cpsokoban: Update script
+games/noteye: Added (roguelike frontend).
+games/stone_soup: Added Documentation.
+graphics/vsxu: Added (OpenGL Music Visualisation).
+libraries/libdaemon: Fix DOWNLOAD Source.
+libraries/live555: Added (C++ libraries for multimedia streaming).
+misc/kronometer: Added (A stopwatch application for KDE).
+misc/projectM: Updated for version 2.1.0.
+multimedia/makemkv: Updated for version 1.8.13.
+multimedia/plex-home-theater: Added (Media Center).
+multimedia/zvbi: Added (Zapping VBI library).
+network/Pafy: Updated for version 0.3.62.
+network/avahi: Fix DOWNLOAD Source.
+network/gns3: Updated for version 0.8.7.
+network/strongswan: Updated for version 5.2.0.
+office/taskd: Added (task server daemon).
+perl/perl-Test-Simple: Updated for version 1.001006.
+python/affine: Added (Affine Matrices).
+python/monty: Updated for version 0.3.6.
+python/py: Updated for version 1.4.24.
+system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font: Updated for version 2.10roman.
+system/adobe-source-serif-pro-font: Added (open source font).
+system/vinterm: Added (terminal emulator).
Fri Sep 5 16:25:24 UTC 2014
academic/fet: Updated for version 5.23.2.
audio/pasystray: Added (System tray application for PulseAudio).