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+Sun Mar 21 18:47:33 UTC 2010
+development/scite: Build fixes for bash4.
+ Thanks to Iskar Enev.
+graphics/inkscape: Added a patch for new poppler API.
+libraries/fox-toolkit: Build fixes and script cleanup.
+libraries/python-twitter: Added. This provides a pure python interface for
+ the Twitter API. Thanks to Steven Pledger.
+multimedia/gst-gnome-vfs: Fixed DOWNLOAD link in the .info file.
+network/pidgin-facebookchat: Version bump.
+network/python-twisted: Add zope.interface as runtime dep.
+office/osmo: libsyncml build fixes and fixed the homepage url in the
+ slack-desc and .info files. Thanks to Pablo Santamaria.
+system/hercules: Fixed up the .info file with correct VERSION.
Sun Mar 21 06:19:13 UTC 2010
academic/xcircuit: Updated for version 3.7.6.
accessibility/espeak: Added - eSpeak is a compact open source