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+svkbd (simple virtual keyboard)
+This is a simple virtual keyboard, intended to be used in environments
+where no keyboard is available.
+Configuration is done at build time. The font and colors can be set in
+config.h (in the same directory as the SlackBuild). The key layouts
+are set with the environment variable LAYOUTS, which can be set to
+a space-separated list of one or more of:
+en - English (QWERTY, the default)
+arrows - Arrow keys only
+de - German (QWERTZ)
+ru - Russian (Cyrillic)
+sh - Slavic (QWERTZ)
+all - All of the above
+Default value for LAYOUTS is "en".
+The package will contain binaries for each layout (e.g. svkbd-en,
+svkbd-ru) in /usr/bin. The first layout listed in LAYOUTS (or svkbd-en
+if LAYOUTS="all") will also be symlinked to /usr/bin/svkbd.