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author B. Watson <>2021-08-02 15:25:50 -0400
committer Willy Sudiarto Raharjo <>2021-10-13 00:51:27 +0700
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accessibility/fonts-opendyslexic: remove template comment.
Signed-off-by: B. Watson <> Signed-off-by: Willy Sudiarto Raharjo <>
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diff --git a/accessibility/fonts-opendyslexic/fonts-opendyslexic.SlackBuild b/accessibility/fonts-opendyslexic/fonts-opendyslexic.SlackBuild
index 1f5dc30a33..42bd6fc073 100644
--- a/accessibility/fonts-opendyslexic/fonts-opendyslexic.SlackBuild
+++ b/accessibility/fonts-opendyslexic/fonts-opendyslexic.SlackBuild
@@ -9,8 +9,7 @@
# Yes, I know, there are newer versions of this at github. However,
# they lack the compiled OpenDyslexicMono (terminal) font, and the tools
# required to compile the source would require me submitting 15 or 20
-# python SlackBuilds for the tools and all their deps. Plus, they need
-# versions of libraries that probably are too new to work on 14.2.
+# python SlackBuilds for the tools and all their deps. Not interested.
# The Debian package only includes the .otf fonts. That's what I'll do
# by default, but I'll support installing the other types if needed.
@@ -27,9 +26,6 @@ SRCDIR=open-dyslexic-$VERSION-Stable
-# If the variable PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME is set, then this script will report what
-# the name of the created package would be, and then exit. This information
-# could be useful to other scripts.
if [ ! -z "${PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME}" ]; then
exit 0