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-amSynth: amSynth (Analogue Modeling SYNTHesizer)
-amSynth: AMSynth provides virtual analogue synthesis in the style of the
-amSynth: classic Moog Minimoog/Roland Junos. It offers an easy-to-use
-amSynth: interface and synth engine, while still creating varied sounds.
+amsynth: amsynth (analogue modelling synthesizer)
+amsynth: It mimics the operation of early analog subtractive synthesizers.
+amsynth: The aim is to make it easy to create and modify sounds.
+amsynth: * Dual oscillators (sine/saw/square/noise) with hard sync
+amsynth: * 12/24 dB/oct resonant filter (low-pass/high-pass/band-pass/notch)
+amsynth: * Dual ADSR envelope generators (filter & amplitude)
+amsynth: * LFO which can modulate the oscillators, filter, and amplitude
+amsynth: * Distortion and reverb
+amsynth: * Hundreds of presets