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-Freepats is a project to create a free and open set of instrument patches.
+freepats is a free and open set of instrument patches. A patchset is
+required for MIDI files to be audible through TiMidity++. These patches
+also work with applications that use SDL_mixer for MIDI audio.
+To use freepats with TiMidity++ and/or SDL_mixer, edit /etc/timidity.cfg
+and make it look like this:
+ source /etc/timidity/freepats.cfg
-To use these patches with TiMidity++, add the following line to
-/etc/timidity/timidity.cfg (minus the quotes):
- 'source $basedir/freepats.cfg'
Alternatively, use crude.cfg instead of freepats.cfg to use substitute
patches that fill in missing entries in the tone bank.