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- Rubyripper is a secure audio ripper which aims to deliver high quality rips
+Rubyripper is a secure audio ripper which aims to deliver high quality rips
from audio cd's to your computer drive. It tries to do so by ripping the same
track with cdparanoia multiple times and then comparing the results.
It currently has a gtk2 and a command-line interface.
Rubyripper has the optional dependencies:
-GTK+ GUI: ruby-gtk2 (we will only build the command-line interface)
-Codec support: flac,vorbis-tools,lame
-ReplayGain support: vorbisgain, mp3gain
-Normalization support: normalize
-Freedb support: cd-discid
-Eject support: eject
+* ruby-gettext (for translations)
+* ruby-gtk2 (for gtk2 gui) (we will only build the command-line interface)
+* cd-discid (for proper freedb support)
+* eject (for eject support)
+* flac, oggenc, lame (if the codec is wanted)
+* wavgain, vorbisgain, mp3gain (for replaygain support)
+* normalize (for normalize support)