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+Compiz Boxmenu is a desktop menu for Compiz. It introduces extensive icon
+support, pipeitems, recent document lists, and more!
+Requires lxml and pyxdg.
+After installation, please do the following to set it up:
+1. Create a user-level copies of the configuration file
+mkdir -p ~/.config/compiz/boxmenu
+cp /etc/xdg/compiz/boxmenu/menu.xml ~/.config/compiz/boxmenu/menu.xml
+2. In the Compiz Settings Manager's "commands" plugin, set "Command line 0" to
+run "compiz-boxmenu". Set its hotkey to <CONTROL>space.
+3. In the Compiz Settings Manager's, "Viewport Switcher" plugin, navigate to
+the "Desktop-based Viewport Switching" tab. There, set "Plugin for initiate
+action" to "commands" (not "core", "commands") and "Action name for initiate"
+to "run_command0_key".