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+TuxNES is an emulator for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. It is
+based on Nestra, a great public-domain NES emulator by Quor. TuxNES adds many
+features not found in Nestra, and uses a more collaborative development model.
+Enhancements to Nestra often find their way into TuxNES. Enhancements to
+TuxNES don't generally find their way into Nestra due to licensing
+restrictions (since pieces of TuxNES are generally copyrighted by their
+authors, and covered by the GNU General Public License), although similar
+changes by the same authors sometimes find their way back into Nestra.
+TuxNES requires an x86-family processor.
+If you would also like to install GTuxNES (a graphical launcher for TuxNES),
+download its source tarball and place it in the same directory as the
+SlackBuild. The GTuxNES homepage is
+The GTuxNES site appears to be down, but the source is mirrored here: