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games/vegastrike: Adjustments for -current.
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+# Distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-Clause License. See accompanying
+# file Copyright.txt or for details.
+.. code-block:: cmake
+ find_package_message(<name> "message for user" "find result details")
+This function is intended to be used in FindXXX.cmake modules files.
+It will print a message once for each unique find result. This is
+useful for telling the user where a package was found. The first
+argument specifies the name (XXX) of the package. The second argument
+specifies the message to display. The third argument lists details
+about the find result so that if they change the message will be
+displayed again. The macro also obeys the QUIET argument to the
+find_package command.
+.. code-block:: cmake
+ if(X11_FOUND)
+ find_package_message(X11 "Found X11: ${X11_X11_LIB}"
+ "[${X11_X11_LIB}][${X11_INCLUDE_DIR}]")
+ else()
+ ...
+ endif()
+function(find_package_message pkg msg details)
+ # Avoid printing a message repeatedly for the same find result.
+ if(NOT ${pkg}_FIND_QUIETLY)
+ string(REPLACE "\n" "" details "${details}")
+ if(NOT "${details}" STREQUAL "${${DETAILS_VAR}}")
+ # The message has not yet been printed.
+ message(STATUS "${msg}")
+ # Save the find details in the cache to avoid printing the same
+ # message again.
+ set("${DETAILS_VAR}" "${details}"
+ CACHE INTERNAL "Details about finding ${pkg}")
+ endif()
+ endif()