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gis/osgEarth: Add geos 3.8 patch, remove Qt support.
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@@ -7,17 +7,4 @@ get up and running quickly and easily.
Some optional requirements are recommended for enhanced functionality
and/or performance. They include:
- osgQt, poco, protobuf, rocksdb
-For all but osgQt, they will be used if detected when osgEarth is built.
-In the case of osgQt, the version of Qt that it was built with is relevant.
-If osgQt was built with Qt5, the environment variable OSGQT=5 must be set when
-running the osgEarth SlackBuild i.e.
- OSGQT=5 sh osgEarth.SlackBuild
-In this case, the qt5 package is also an additional build requirement.
-If osgQt was built with Qt4 (the standard for Slackware 14.2), set OSGQT=4 i.e.
- OSGQT=4 sh osgEarth.SlackBuild
-If OSGQT is not set, osgQt support will not be included.
+ poco, protobuf, rocksdb