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@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@ incrementals.
rnapshot requires both the editing of the /etc/rsnapshot.conf file and
the creation of various scripts to run at the intervals specified in the
config file. rsnapshot comes with a multitude of example scripts located
-in '/usr/doc/rsnapshot-1.3.0/utils' and has a well documented HOWTO at
+in '/usr/doc/rsnapshot-1.3.1/utils' and has a well documented HOWTO at
It is highly recommended for you to read this HOWTO prior to altering your
To get you up and running as quick as possible, I have provided a working
-config file and scripts located in '/usr/doc/rsnapshot-1.3.0/contrib'
+config file and scripts located in '/usr/doc/rsnapshot-1.3.1/contrib'
This configuration will create incremental backups every 4 hours and will
store 6 hourly, 7 daily, 4 weekly, and 3 monthly backups at a time.
All backups will be stored in the path '/backup' which you will most
@@ -21,5 +21,5 @@ likely want to change to fit your setup. It is highly recommended that
the backup location be a separate physical disk or remote location.
rsnapshot is executed by adding entries into root's crontab.
-There is an example crontab in '/usr/doc/rsnapshot-1.3.0/contrib/crontab'
+There is an example crontab in '/usr/doc/rsnapshot-1.3.1/contrib/crontab'
with the necessary additions to run the scripts above.