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@@ -6,13 +6,8 @@ from Matroska files (mkvextract) * Create Matroska files from other
media files (mkvmerge) * Modify properties of existing Matroska files
-MKVToolnix requires wxGTK/wxPython all of which are available on and it comes with internal versions of libembl and
-libmatroska. Configure will use the internal versions if it fails
-to find systemwide
+Note: this comes with internal versions of libembl and libmatroska.
+Configure will use the internal versions if it fails to find them
+installed in the system.
Interested parties can build QT version of GUI by passing QTGUI=yes
-Note: Mkvtoolnix build will try to use system libmatroska and libembl
-and if they don't exist or unusable, then it will build Mkvtoolnix
-linking with them.