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+This script builds dovecot with support for SSL. As such, you must have
+openssl installed. openssl-solibs is not enough in itself to meet this
+requirement. Additionally, dovecot will be compiled with POP3 support.
+Unfortunately, dovecot does not have a man page at this time, so you'll
+have to find your documentation elsewhere. A few examples are included
+in /usr/doc/dovecot-$VERSION and the dovecot team maintains a wiki that
+may prove useful:
+You should probably create a dovecot user to run the login processes on
+your server. The build script will exit with an error if you don't have
+this user on your system. You should ensure dovecot has a low UID, such
+as 91 (this is a low, unused UID on a stock Slackware-11.0 box).
+If you have any questions or comments about this script you are free to
+contact me via e-mail at <>. Thanks!