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network/ekiga: Updated for version 3.3.2.
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@@ -10,9 +10,18 @@ Help button, which probably needs the Gnome help system.
The following options, all disabled by default, are supported. Just
set any of them to "yes" to enable the corresponding feature:
- AVAHI (requires avahi)
-- GCONF (requires GConf)
- KDE (experimental KDE support)
- KAB (experimental KAddressBook support)
- GS (experimental GStreamer support)
-Ekiga requires libsigc++, ptlib, and opal.
+Ekiga requires GConf, libsigc++, ptlib, and opal.
+Note that this version has gconf enabled by default. To copy your
+old contacts over to the gconf xml file from .config/ekiga.conf is
+fairly trivial.
+The gconf file is located at:
+~/.gconf/apps/ekiga/contacts/%gconf.xml and you need to copy all
+between the &lt;list&gt; and &lt;/list&gt;
+You _must_ kill /usr/libexec/gconfd-2 process _before_ doing this.