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Fax-Software and Call-Monitor for AVM FRITZ!Box or compatible
-In order to enable fax transfers the user must be member of the
-system group "fax"!
-Use "gpasswd -a <username> fax" as root user to add the user <username>
-to the group fax and then log out and log in again as <username>.
-(Replace <username> with the real user name on your system)
+Optional Dependencies
There is an optional firefox-plugin "roger-dial". It can be installed
by calling
from your firefox browser.
-Optional dependency: portaudio
+Groupname and Username
+You must have the group 'fax' to run this script, for example:
+ groupadd -g 273 fax
+In order to enable fax transfers, your user must be a member of the
+'fax' group. Use
+ gpasswd -a <username> fax
+as the root user to add the user <username> to the group fax,
+and then log out and log in again as <username>. (Replace <username>
+with the real user name on your system.)