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author Sebastien BALLET <>2018-10-18 04:04:04 +0700
committer Willy Sudiarto Raharjo <>2018-10-18 04:04:04 +0700
commitdf9a0be4ab9c02d27aeccd56d6ccaee05dd49da9 (patch)
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office/libreoffice: Remove version number in symlinks.
Signed-off-by: Willy Sudiarto Raharjo <>
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diff --git a/office/libreoffice/libreoffice.SlackBuild b/office/libreoffice/libreoffice.SlackBuild
index 4cbe2840f0..b009be0ca4 100644
--- a/office/libreoffice/libreoffice.SlackBuild
+++ b/office/libreoffice/libreoffice.SlackBuild
@@ -130,6 +130,24 @@ ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/smath lomath
ln -sf ../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/program/swriter lowriter
cd -
+# the .desktop files installed in /opt/libreoffice<VER>/share/xdg and
+# symlinks to that files in /usr/share/applications have version number
+# in their name (ex libreoffice6.1-writer.desktop) which force user to
+# re-create/update any link/reference (ex: on KDE/XFCE desktop, in fluxbox
+# menu file, in wmalauncher configuration file,...) to that files on each
+# libreoffice version number increment.
+# To avoid that, the code below deletes the "versioned" symlinks
+# and creates news without version number in their names.
+cd $PKG/usr/share/applications
+ for APP in base calc draw impress math startcenter writer xsltfilter ; do
+ rm -f $PRGNAM$SRCSHORT-$APP.desktop
+ ln -sf ../../../opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/share/xdg/$APP.desktop $PRGNAM-$APP.desktop
+ done
+cd -
# Remove DejaVu and Liberation fonts - these are included in other packages
rm -f opt/libreoffice$SRCSHORT/share/fonts/truetype/{DejaVu,Liberation}*.ttf