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+Taskwarrior is an open-source cross platform command-line
+task management tool. It allows you to capture, annotate,
+manipulate and present your tasks, then sync them among
+The taskd server is the component which supports
+synchronization among task clients.
+The task client application is also available on SBo.
+Each may be built and run standalone so that there are
+no hard buildtime or runtine dependencies between them.
+It is recommended to create a non-priv'd user to run the
+server, and it requires CA certs to operate, which may
+be generated with included scripts.
+Installation of this package provides a complete taskd
+install from upstream source. You may proceed to configure
+and operate it from the distribution documentation if you
+The additional README_SLACKWARE file provides notes for
+getting things configured and working quickly on a Slackware
+platform with a few extra pieces provided.