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various: Kill lots of python3 dep mentions
This is far from complete. We still need to review and tweak anything with "PYTHON" in the README, as many/most/all of those are telling the user how to build with python3 support. We almost surely want to enable that by default in all of those cases.
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@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@ DOWNLOAD="
-REQUIRES="python3 espeak"
MAINTAINER="Donald Cooley"
diff --git a/office/vmd/README b/office/vmd/README
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--- a/office/vmd/README
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@@ -4,7 +4,5 @@ Render markdown in a terminal! Why? Because although Markdown is still
readable as-is, if you use Markdown a lot, it's nice to have something to
render it with the proper formatting - with bold text and emphasis, etc.
-This package requires Markdown compiled with python3 support
-Also, this version is patched to ignore img tags, which make vmd fail
+This version is patched to ignore img tags, which make vmd fail
parsing certain markdown documents.
diff --git a/office/vmd/ b/office/vmd/
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--- a/office/vmd/
+++ b/office/vmd/
@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@ DOWNLOAD=""
-REQUIRES="python3 Markdown"
MAINTAINER="Ricardo J. Barberis"
diff --git a/office/x_x/README b/office/x_x/README
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--- a/office/x_x/README
+++ b/office/x_x/README
@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ Excel files or CSVs in your terminal. The purpose of this is to not
break the workflow of people who live on the command line and need to
access a spreadsheet generated using Microsoft Excel.
-By default, x_x is built for python2. If you have python3 installed
-and would prefer to use it, run the script with 'export PYVER=3' in
-the environment. There's apparently no functional difference in x_x
-between the python 2 and 3 builds, although the python2 version emits
-warnings about unicode_literals.
+By default, x_x is built for python2. If you prefer to use python3,
+run the script with 'export PYVER=3' in the environment. There's
+apparently no functional difference in x_x between the python 2
+and python3 builds, although the python2 version emits warnings
+about unicode_literals.