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+This module exports a single function called parse_dir(), which can
+be used to parse directory listings.
+The first parameter to parse_dir() is the directory listing to parse.
+It can be a scalar, a reference to an array of directory lines or a
+glob representing a filehandle to read the directory listing from.
+The second parameter is the time zone to use when parsing time stamps
+in the listing. If this value is undefined, then the local time zone
+is assumed.
+The third parameter is the type of listing to assume. Currently
+supported formats are 'unix', 'apache' and 'dosftp'. The default value
+'unix'. Ideally, the listing type should be determined automatically.
+The fourth parameter specifies how unparseable lines should be treated.
+Values can be 'ignore', 'warn' or a code reference. Warn means that the
+perl warn() function will be called. If a code reference is passed, then
+this routine will be called and the return value from it will be incorporated
+in the listing. The default is 'ignore'.
+Only the first parameter is mandatory.
+The return value from parse_dir() is a list of directory entries. In a scalar
+context the return value is a reference to the list. The directory entries
+are represented by an array consisting of [ $filename, $filetype, $filesize,
+$filetime, $filemode ]. The $filetype value is one of the letters 'f', 'd',
+'l' or '?'. The $filetime value is the seconds since Jan 1, 1970. The
+$filemode is a bitmask like the mode returned by stat().
+This requires perl-http-date.