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+pysetuptools (a collection of enhancements to Python distutils)
+Note: the name of the source package is 'setuptools'. Since 'setuptools'
+is such a generic name, this package uses the name 'pysetuptools' to avoid
+any potential future conflicts. The actual installation paths and file
+names are not modified in any way.
+setuptools allow you to more easily build and distribute Python packages,
+especially ones that have dependencies on other packages.
+Packages built and distributed using setuptools look to the user like ordinary
+Python packages based on the distutils. Your users don't need to install or
+even know about setuptools in order to use them, and you don't have to include
+the entire setuptools package in your distributions. By including just a single
+bootstrap module (an 8K .py file), your package will automatically download and
+install setuptools if the user is building your package from source and doesn't
+have a suitable version already installed.
+Requires: >=python-2.3.5 on 32-bit systems >=python-2.4 on 64-bit systems