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+The bigfloat module is a Python wrapper for the MPFR library for arbitrary
+precision floating-point reliable arithmetic.
+The MPFR library is a well-known portable C library for arbitrary-precision
+arithmetic on floating-point numbers. It provides precise control over
+precisions and rounding modes and gives correctly-rounded reproducible
+platform-independent results.
+The bigfloat module aims to provide a convenient and friendly Python
+interface to the operations and functions provided by the MPFR library. The
+main class, BigFloat, gives an immutable multiple-precision floating-point
+type that can be freely mixed with Python integers and floats. The Context
+class, when used in conjunction with Pythons with statement, gives a simple
+way of controlling precisions and rounding modes. Additional module-level
+functions provide various standard mathematical operations. There is full
+support for IEEE 754 signed zeros, nans, infinities and subnormals.