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-This is a fork of the last free GPL version of cdrtools.
- icedax -- CD audio sampling utility (formerly cdda2wav).
- wodim -- burn discs in most ATAPI and SCSI CD-R drives (formerly cdrecord).
- genisoimage -- create ISO9660/HFS/Joliet CD-ROM images (formerly mkisofs).
-CDRKit was forked from CDRTools because of an alleged license
-incompatibility that would make it impossible to distribute
-(combining GPL and CDDL code in the same binary).
-See for more details,
-but note that the issue is not settled - there are arguments
-that the interaction between the CDDL-licensed portion (the build
-tools) and the GPL-licensed portion (the actual code) is such
-that there is no license incompatibility. We at
-are not taking a stance on that - we simply provide the build script
-if you wish to use it.
-This package will conflict with cdrtools - in other words, you need
-to remove cdrtools before installing cdrkit.
-This package will require zisofs-tools, which is available here.
-This script will create symlinks for mkisofs and cdda2wav for backwards
-compatability with cdrtools and previous versions of cdrkit.