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@@ -11,7 +11,10 @@ This tool is written in Python and uses the psutil library to fetch the
statistical values from key elements, like CPU, load average, memory,
network, disks, file systems, processes, etc.
-Optional dependencies are Jinja2 (for HTML output), hddtemp (for HHD
-temperature monitoring support) and python3. Others not available on SBo
-are pysensors (for HW monitoring support) and batinfo (for battery
-monitoring support).
+Optional dependencies are hddtemp (for HHD temperature monitoring support)
+and python3. Others not available on SBo are bottle (for Web server mode),
+py3sensors (for HW monitoring support) and batinfo (for battery monitoring
+NOTE: when launching Glances in a terminal with a bright background, the
+option '--theme-white' is recommended.