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-glances is a free (LGPL) cross-platform curses-based system monitoring tool
+glances is a free (LGPL), cross-platform, curses-based system monitoring tool
which aims to present a maximum of information in a minimum of space, ideally
-to fit in a classical 80x24 terminal, or larger for additional data as it can
+to fit in a classical 80x24 terminal, or larger for additional data. It can
adapt the displayed information dynamically, depending on the terminal size.
-This tool can also work in client/server mode. Remote monitoring can be done
-via terminal or web interface.
+A client/server mode is also available and remote monitoring can be done via
+terminal or a web interface.
glances is written in Python and uses the psutil library to fetch statistical
-values from key elements, like CPU, load average, memory, network, disks,
-file systems, processes, etc.
+values from key elements, like CPU, load average, memory, network, disks, file
+systems, processes, etc.
-Available on SBo: batinfo (battery monitoring support), bottle (Web server
-mode), hddtemp (HHD temperature monitoring support), matplotlib (generation
-of graphs from history data), netifaces (IP plugin), py3sensors (HW monitoring
-support), pymdstat (RAID support), python3, statsd (StatsD export module),
-pysnmp (SNMP support).
+* Available on SBo:
+batinfo (for battery monitoring support)
+bottle (for web server mode)
+couchdb (for CouchDB export module)
+docker (for Docker monitoring support)
+elasticsearch (for Elastic Search export module)
+hddtemp (for HDD temperature monitoring support)
+matplotlib (for graphical/chart support)
+netifaces (for IP plugin)
+py-cpuinfo (for Quicklook CPU info module)
+py3sensors (for hardware monitoring support)
+pymdstat (for RAID support)
+python-requests (for Ports plugin)
+python-scandir (for Folders plugin)
+statsd (for StatsD export module)
+pysnmp (for SNMP support)
+pyzmq (for ZeroMQ export module)
-Not available on SBo: docker-py (Docker monitoring support), influxdb (InfluxDB
-export module), pika (RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ export module), py-cpuinfo (Quicklook
-CPU info module), pystache (action script feature), zeroconf (auto discoverer
+* Not available on SBo:
+bernhard (for Riemann export module)
+cassandra-driver (for Cassandra export module)
+influxdb (for InfluxDB export module)
+nvidia-ml-py (for GPU plugin)
+pika (for RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ export module)
+potsdb (for OpenTSDB export module)
+pystache (for action scripting)
+wifi (for wifi plugin)
+zeroconf (for autodiscover mode)
-NOTE: When launching glances in a terminal with a bright background, the option
-'--theme-white' is recommended.
+NOTE: When launching glances from a terminal with a bright background, the
+option '--theme-white' is recommended. More options are documented in the man
+page and in the file glances.conf.