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@@ -14,17 +14,16 @@ OPTIONAL DEPENDENCIES
Available on SBo: batinfo (battery monitoring support), bottle (Web server
mode), hddtemp (HHD temperature monitoring support), matplotlib (generation
-of graphs from history data), netifaces (auto discoverer mode), py3sensors
-(HW monitoring support), pymdstat (RAID support), python3, statsd (StatsD
-export module), ysnmp (SNMP support).
+of graphs from history data), netifaces (IP plugin), py3sensors (HW monitoring
+support), pymdstat (RAID support), python3, statsd (StatsD export module),
+pysnmp (SNMP support).
Not available on SBo: docker-py (Docker monitoring support), influxdb (InfluxDB
-export module), pika (RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ export module), pystache (action script
-feature), zeroconf (auto discoverer mode).
+export module), pika (RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ export module), py-cpuinfo (Quicklook
+CPU info module), pystache (action script feature), zeroconf (auto discoverer
1) When launching glances in a terminal with a bright background, the option
'--theme-white' is recommended.
-2) For optional auto discoverer mode, both zeroconf and netifaces are needed.