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+The Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) software package provides a
+portable abstraction (across OS, versions, architectures, ...) of the
+hierarchical topology of modern architectures, including NUMA memory
+nodes, sockets, shared caches, cores and simultaneous multithreading.
+It also gathers various system attributes such as cache and memory
+information as well as the locality of I/O devices such as network
+interfaces, InfiniBand HCAs or GPUs. It primarily aims at helping
+applications with gathering information about modern computing
+hardware so as to exploit it accordingly and efficiently.
+Optional dependences:
+ libnuma provides conversion helpers between hwloc CPU setsand
+ libnuma-specific types, such as bitmasks. It helps you use libnuma
+ memory-binding functions with hwloc CPU sets.
+ CUDA enables interoperability with NVIDIA CUDA Driver and Runtime
+ interfaces. For instance, it may return the list of processors near
+ NVIDIA GPUs. Note that if I/O device discovery is enabled, GPUs may
+ also appear as PCI objects in the topology.