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+OpenStego is a tool implemented in Java for generic steganography,
+with support for password-based encryption of the data.
+ - OpenStego is written in pure Java and should run on all platforms
+ supported by java. It has been tested on MS Windows and Linux,
+ but should not have any problem on other platforms too. Please
+ report bugs if you find any.
+ - It supports password-based encryption of data for additional
+ layer of security. DES algorithm is used for data encryption,
+ along with MD5 hashing to derive the DES key from the password
+ provided.
+ - It uses a plugin based architecture, where various plugins can
+ be created for different kind of Steganographic algorithms.
+ Currently, it supports two plugins - LSB (Using Least Significant
+ Bit of Image Pixels) and RandomLSB (Randomized LSB), but new
+ plugins can be created for other algorithms like DCT, FFT, etc.
+ Plugins can also be easily added for other type of cover files
+ like Audio files.
+ - LSB plugins support only 24 bpp images. Support for additional
+ image formats (like BMP, TIF, etc.) could be added by installing
+ Java Advanced Imaging (JAI).
+ - LSB plugins also support generation of random images containing
+ noise to be used as cover file. The size of the generated random
+ image is the minimum possible size required to embed the given data.