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system/pcsc-tools: Added (PC/SC smartcard reader tools)
This was missing from 13.1 repo, but required by a couple of things, so let's get it updated and added back. Signed-off-by: Robby Workman <>
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+pcsc-tools provides some utilities that allow you to mess with your smart card
+reader, or to test a PC/SC driver.
+ATR_analysis - analyze a smart card "Answer to Reset" message
+pcsc_scan - query the status of a smart card reader using pcsc-lite
+scriptor - send commands to a smart card using a batch file or stdin
+gscriptor - GTK frontend to scriptor
+pcsc_scan requires pcsc-lite to build and run.
+The rest of the above require pcsc-perl as a runtime dependency only,
+and gscriptor needs perl-gtk2 as a runtime-only dependency.