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-Prelink is a program that modifies ELF shared libraries and ELF dynamically
-linked binaries in such a way that the time needed for the dynamic linker to
-perform relocations at startup significantly decreases. Due to fewer
-relocations, the run-time memory consumption decreases as well (especially
-the number of unshareable pages). The prelinking information is only used
-at startup time if none of the dependent libraries have changed since
-prelinking; otherwise, programs are relocated normally.
+Prelink is a program that modifies ELF shared libraries and ELF
+dynamically linked binaries in such a way that the time needed for
+the dynamic linker to perform relocations at start-up significantly
+decreases. Due to fewer relocations, the run-time memory consumption
+decreases as well (especially the number of unsharable pages). The
+prelinking information is only used at start-up time if none of the
+dependent libraries have changed since prelinking; otherwise programs
+are relocated normally.
-There is a script in the prelink documentation directory that is suitable
-for a cron job. Before setting up a cron job, first run prelink on the
-system and then read the script and modify it as needed.
+This requires libelf which is available from
-This requires libelf.
+There's a script for prelink suitable for a cron job which can be found
+at /usr/doc/prelink-$VERSION. Before setting up a cron job, First run
+prelink on the system then read script and modify it if you think it's
+WARNING: Non-prelinked binaries may cause SEGFAULT in prelinked
+systems using prelinked libraries. If some programs crashes with
+SEGFAULT while calling system libraries then run prelink on the
+programs in question. The prelink-all script ,which can be found in
+/usr/doc/prelink-$VERSION, can be used to prelink all system as a root.
+In same place as prelink-all script, there is a prelink-undo script to
+undo prelink system wide. Run it as root and it will undo the prelink
+system wide.