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+QEMU Guest Agent (qemu-ga) is a daemon intended to be run within virtual
+machines. It allows the hypervisor host to perform various operations in
+the guest, such as:
+- get information from the guest,
+- set the guest's system time,
+- read/write a file,
+- sync and freeze the filesystems,
+- suspend the guest,
+- reconfigure guest local processors,
+- set user's password.
+Note that qemu-ga (QEMU Guest Agent) is also part of the standard QEMU
+installation. This package is intended for guests only, so that you don't have
+to install the complete qemu package there. In general, do not install both
+qemu-guest-agent and qemu packages at the same time on the same machine.
+Use rc.qemu-ga to launch the daemon at boot and to stop it at shutdown.
+You will need to perform host side setup too, to take the advantage of qemu-ga.