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@@ -39,11 +39,13 @@ your processor) prior to launching qemu-system-ARCH with kvm enabled.
For older/unmaintained qemu frontends, this build also creates a symlink
to qemu-system-ARCH at /usr/bin/qemu-kvm.
-libcacard, spice, usbredir, virglrenderer, device-tree-compiler,
-libnfs, snappy, glusterfs and vde2 are optional dependencies.
+libiscsi, libcacard, spice, usbredir, virglrenderer,
+device-tree-compiler, libnfs, snappy, glusterfs and vde2 are optional
-libseccomp is an optional dependency to use libvirt and will be picked
-up, if present, during the compilation.
+libseccomp (to use libvirt) and libiscsi (to access iSCSI targets
+directly) are an optional dependencies, and will be picked up, if
+present, during the compilation.
If you wish to emulate ARM, you will want device-tree-compiler.