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+sandy (minimalist text editor)
+sandy is an ncurses text editor with an easy-to-read, hackable C
+source. Sandy tries to maximize screen estate, minimize the SLOC used
+and not get in your way too much. It can somehow be controlled using a
+named pipe that lives in /tmp and all preferences and keybindings are
+to be chosen at compile time.
+Features / Non-features
+- Unlimited undo
+- Regex search
+- Simple, almost modeless keybindings
+- Selection-based operation
+- Very simple commands read from a named pipe
+- Very basic, regex-based syntax colouring
+- Xterm-like mouse support
+- X11 integration is achieved through external tools such as xsel and dmenu
+- Lacks many text processing facilities that can be easily achieved by
+ piping text through an external command
+If you want to customize the compile-time config, place your config.h in
+the same directory as the SlackBuild script. To get the default config.h,
+extract it from the source tarball (it's called config.def.h there,
+just rename it).
+Optional dependencies: If xsel and/or dmenu are installed, sandy uses
+them at runtime for X11 integration.