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+suckless-tools (tools from
+This is a collection of small tools from They're
+bundled together in one build because they're so small and simple.
+Included tools:
+lsw - Lists the titles of all running X windows to stdout, similar to ls(1).
+lsx - List executables in a directory tree [1].
+sprop - Simple X property utility.
+sselp - Simple X selection printer.
+ssid - Simple setsid replacement.
+swarp - Simple pointer warping tool for X.
+wmname - Prints/sets the window manager name property of the root window [2].
+xssstate - A simple tool to retrieve the X screensaver state.
+Not included:
+dmenu, sandy, sic, slock, svkbd, tabbed - These are packaged separately
+9base, ii - Currently not available on If you package
+one of these, please let me know so I can update this README.
+[1] lsx would conflict with the /usr/bin/lsx from Slackware's minicom
+package. To avoid this, lsx is installed as /usr/bin/lsX. If you don't use
+XMODEM (or even know what it is), "rm -f /usr/bin/lsx" before installing
+suckless-tools, and /usr/bin/lsx will be a symlink to lsX.
+[2] wmname has been packaged separately (as desktop/wmname). This build
+gives you the same version of wmname, plus a man page for it, so the
+separate wmname build isn't needed.